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Hey.  Thanks for visiting.  I’m RickCouchman.com.  Did you know that on most blogs, the About Me is almost ALWAYS the most-read page on the blog?  So here it is…

I’m 52 yrs old, starting at 321.6 lbs on December 3, 2020, and WAY out of shape. I’m fighting:

  • sleep apnea. I use a cpap each night.
  • diabetes, type 2 (next step insulin).
  • recurrent gout and kidney stones, uric acid type (for those wondering.)
  • terrible depression and anxiety.  I’ve attempted suicide a couple times.
  • obviously very obese.  VERY obese.

I’ve been fat for ages.  The start of 2020 had me at 360 lbs.  I then did some keto, fasting, and became a member of TOPS – Taking Off Pounds Sensibly.

I started WW – Weight Watchers – on December 3, 2020.  I’m eating healthy, tracking WW points, and as of January 2020, I aim to walk more-and-more daily with a goal of a minimum 10,000 steps daily when ramped up.  It’ll take a while to get my fat ass to that level, I’m sure.  My ass still isn’t a fan of walking further than the fridge.  But I’ll do it!

I have a gym membership, but haven’t been since before COVID.  I’m currently working with body weights and fitness equipment in the basement.  It’s scary going to the gym as a fatass, but it’s always been a goal – so I’ll get back to it!

A bit more about me.  Let’s see.  I double-majored at Wilfrid Laurier University in psychology and sociology.  I’ve worked in social services for a number of employers in homelessness, addictions and mental illness.  I’ve also worked in communications.  My coolest gig was working a couple of decades as a journalist covering the Toronto Maple Leafs (which is God’s team, I’m sure.)  Sadly I’ve been on disability for a decade, all stemming from that damned depression and anxiety.  Check out my Mental Health website – AdvocateTuesday.com.

That’s about it.  Please fire off any questions directly below and I’ll do my best to answer.


    Rick Couchman

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    Hespeler, Ontario, Canada

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