That Bloated Feeling


Sadly, I have historically ignored the feeling of always being bloated. It has become a normalcy.  And I want to change that!

I especially get that terrible bloated feeling from bread and fast food – so I experience it far too often.

Ahh, bread. My knuckles get stiff and sore the next day when I eat considerable amounts of fresh bread.  I’ve more-or-less stopped eating it.  Mostly.

Now that I have more fruit and veggies in the diet, I’ve noticed the bloated feeling has been a bit better.  I feel skinnier when I’m not bloated, and I’m coming to like that feeling.

So I’m becoming – dare I say – addicted to that skinnier feeling, even if it’s not necessarily from weight loss.  I love it.  And over time, I’ve rarely experienced bloat-free for more than a few days.

As the saying goes… I’ve never been there before, but the brochure sure looks great!

Time to live out that dream.


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