Shit Happens

I’ve come to know and understand that shit happens.  To everyone, not just the good or the bad.  I highly expect that God himself accepts this premise.  Right?  If I had a good relationship with him I’d take the time to ask him.

I look back to playing hockey as a kid.  Up until high school, I was a pretty good player.  But in grade 9, when I found out about girls and beer, I started gaining weight.  I did very little exercise.  It was the start of a downfall in mental and physical health.  My grades slipped.  But you know what?  Shit happens.

In college, I went to become a police officer.  What a great group of guys I studied with.  We partied all the time.  Some of them, the ones that didn’t party as much, went on to have great careers.  I pulled out at the end of first year.  I had chosen the wrong path.  You know what?  Shit happens

I moved 4 hours away from my hometown of Napanee.  I left the girl I loved.  Unfortunately, she no longer loved me. I packed up the car, pulled together my wounded ego, and started fresh in a new city.  As you know, shit happens.

I met the girl of my dreams in Waterloo, ON.  She encouraged me to stop partying, to go to Wilfrid Laurier University, and settle down in life.  It was a fantastic feeling.  I got a degree in Sociology and Psychology.  Unfortunately, healthwise, we lived on fast food and no exercise.  My weight ballooned quickly.  I mean it really ballooned.  But as you know, shit happens.

2 kids entered the fray.  Amazing kids.  Kids that are very well-adjusted and doing great now in their 20s.  Sometimes great shit happens.

I started a great career in social services working with a couple of levels of government as a caseworker.  I ended up helping run non-profit agencies that worked with people who were homeless, and or addicted, and or had mental illness.  I got burned out and realized I had my own serious mental health struggles, on top of the weight issues.  But shit happens, right?

As a 53 yr-old, I’ve been on disability for 12 years now.  Significant depression and mental illness that entire time.  I’ve recently had a new diagnosis – borderline personality disorder.  I’ve tried many drugs, groups, and individual therapy.  Not much is helping.  My thought is that shit happens, right?

I have a really solid group of guys that share similar struggles as I.  They are at varying points in their journeys.  We’ve come to accept the Weight Watchers assertion that there are four pillars to this journey, and to do the journey successfully, you need to have them aligned.  Sleep, activity, food and mindset.  One of those guys, Woody, keeps checking in on me.  And I’m starting to do the same with him.  Good guy that is working hard to put the 4 pillars in alignment.  It’s great to meet new friends.  Keeps me honest and active.

Today I exchanged messages with a girl I’m getting to know.  She struggles with her weight.  She’s having more and more success and looks so happy.  She mentioned she now loves herself.  I’m far from that point.  My journey, really, is just beginning.  I’m at 333 lbs and need desperately to lose 100+ lbs. I want and need to lose that weight.

I’m a member of WW – Weight Watchers.  You know what?  I’m going to do what others are doing.  Lose weight, find fitness, and hopefully fall in love with myself.  How?  Starting this weekend, I’m making SHIT HAPPEN.


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