Journey Reboot

This is pretty hard. Putting it all out there.  I do it for two reasons:

  1. It keeps me honest.
  2. It keeps me going.

I’ve had an odd routine in eating for quite some time now.  Maybe even for as long as I can remember. But most recently I’ve found myself binging.  Eating way past the point of being full.  And with shitty choices, let me add.  There’s seldom a drive-thru that I can drive past without stopping.  Sometimes two times in a single outting.

So something had to give.  Today I find myself at 333.0 lbs.  I started WW in December at 316.  Yeah, the math isn’t very flattering.

I’ll be looking at my life with a critical eye.  Why do I binge?  Am I able to lose weight walking?  Can I change the foods that I like to something different, healthier?

Please stick around and visit often.  I’d love for you to email me your thoughts on my journey.

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