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Hey.  Thanks for visiting.  Did you know that on most blogs, the About Me is almost ALWAYS the most-read page on the blog?  So here it is…

I’m 52 yrs old, starting at 332.0 lbs on September 7, 2020, and WAY out of shape. I’m fighting:

  • sleep apnea. I use a cpap each night.
  • diabetes, type 2 (next step insulin).
  • recurrent gout and kidney stones, uric acid type (for those wondering.)
  • terrible depression and anxiety.  I’ve attempted suicide a couple times.
  • obviously very obese.  VERY obese.


I’m going with a lower-carb, intermittent fasting lifestyle.  I’m starting September 2020 fasting 19/5.  That’s 19 hours fasting and 5 hrs eating.  I generally skip breakfast, so I see this as doable.  I’ll eat in the window of 1 pm to 6 pm, give-or-take.Rick Couchman fishing

I started on September 7, 2020 and I aim to walk more-and-more daily with a goal of a minimum 10,000 steps daily.  It’ll take a while to get my fat ass to that level, I’m sure.  My ass still isn’t a fan of walking further than the fridge.  But I’ll do it!

I have a gym membership, but haven’t been since before COVID.  I’ll get back to it mid-September working with body weights and fitness equipment.  It’s scary going to the gym as a fatass, but it’s always been a goal – so I’m doin’ it!

TOPS: Taking Off Pounds SensiblyI’m proudly a member of TOPS – Taking Off Pounds Sensibly.  It’s somewhat similar to WW groups and meetings, but you follow your own way-of-eating and enjoy the support of like-minded people.  We have weekly chapter meetings and there are about 10 ladies in my local group.  COVID restrictions shut places like this in March, and my chapter opens Monday, September 21st.  I miss it and will be there with bells (and a mask) on!

A bit more about me.  Let’s see.  I double-majored at Wilfrid Laurier University in psychology and sociology.  I’ve worked in social services for a number of employers in homelessness, addictions and mental illness.  I’ve also worked in communications.  My coolest gig was working a couple of decades as a journalist covering the Toronto Maple Leafs (which is God’s team, I’m sure.)  Sadly I’ve been on disability for a decade, all stemming from that damned depression and anxiety.

That’s about it.  Please fire off any questions directly below and I’ll do my best to answer.


    Rick Couchman

    couchmanrick @ gmail dot com

    Hespeler, Ontario, Canada

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